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We're Internet Marketing Specialists

We understand websites.

We understand search programs and Google ads.

We understand social media – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TripAdvisor, Yelp and more.

We use this knowledge to create low cost, highly effective ad campaigns to help you sell your own tickets.

Everything You Know About

Marketing Your Business Has Changed

It’s a whole new game



Based on current bookings, estimates for the 2024 tourist season predict 30-40% of last year’s visitors.



Visitors are mostly from the mainland west coast, and appear to be more affluent.



Booking agents are unable to meet the requests for private, sanitized vehicle transportation.



Boats report greatly increased demand for private charters.

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Social Media

Stop Losing Customers

If your website isn’t optimized for mobile you’re losing business. If you’re not advertising online, you’re losing business. Facebook and Instagram ads generate as much sales revenue as Google ads. Every business in the world is now attracting and servicing customers in new ways.

Buying Patterns

During the shutdown people became much more comfortable with searching and buying online, and that will continue.

People are spending more time on social media, and are more comfortable buying on those platforms.

Mobile Friendly

This year 78% of the visitors to activity websites are on their cell phones. How does your website look on a phone?

Try it vertically and horizontally. Is everything there? Do the menus, links and shopping cart work correctly? If you’re selling something on your site you should go through a complete transaction.


A modern, professional website with good grammar, spelling and punctuation gives consumers confidence in your business.

Change, Change, Change

More sanitizing. More personal space. Crowd avoidance. More private charters and tours. More carryout food.  More upscale rental cars. Lower sales volumes. These are all part of business this season.

We Can Help

My associates and I have marketing experience in a lot of areas. We can update or create your website and social media accounts. We can help you identify new markets, and we can optimize your online advertising.

Restaurants and food trucks have new opportunities and new challenges. Interfacing with delivery services is important. If you adapt quickly you’ll be at the front of the herd.

There are new opportunities for Maui realtors. We’re familiar with the rules and have extensive experience interfacing the MLS system with websites.

We’re International

We’ve been based on Maui, Hawaii since 2014, but we’ve worked all over the world, for a wide variety of businesses and agencies.

Call Us Because

  • We’re experienced.
  • We’re good.
  • We believe in testing and statistics.
  • We can bring in customers.

Our Services

New Markets

Establish a strong social media presence and attract new market segments.

A New You

New website, new shopping cart, new ads and new customers.

Keeping Current

Keep your online content fresh and new, and connect with customers.

Online Advertising

Identify advertising markets and develop online ads that sell.

Ongoing Support

We regularly check that website security updates are current, and verify backups.

Expert Engineering

50 years of experience in designing and implementing computer systems.

HomeSome of the duties we can take care of on a regular basis include:

  1. Creating websites and social media pages.
  2. Maintaining websites, software and security updates, content, staff bios and price changes.
  3. Maintaining product updates for stores, realtors, auto dealers, etc.
  4. Managing online advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  5. Responding to customer comments on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Instagram, etc.
  6. Generating and/or posting website, blog, vlog and social media content.
  7. Creating and maintaining mass mail and email lists.
  8. Generating and/or distributing newsletters and promotional materials.
  9. Managing accounts, contracts and ad spending with booking agencies like Yelp, TripAdvisor, etc.
  10. Linking with PonoRez (a3h), FareHarbor, AL-Desk and MLS systems.
  11. Training, and identification of training resources.
  12. Creation, implementation and verification of automated backups, both local and cloud, for computers and documents.
  13. WiFi and cable network performance issues, in-office and Internet.
  14. Anti-virus protection and data security.
  15. Domain name registrar and hosting issues.
  16. Recovering control of domain names and websites when passwords are lost or a key person dies.
  17. Negative Internet reputation negation.
  18. Social Influencer production and marketing.
  19. Photography, video production and distribution.
  20. Book, CD and DVD publishing.
  21. Pay-per-view and subscription websites.
  22. Developing custom apps for Android and iPhone.
  23. Assist in applying for registered trademarks.
  24. General high-tech consulting.
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  • Client Image

    Jim's ad for my property management service company brings in so many new bid requests that we only activate the ad a few days a month. The rest of the time we're scrambling to write bids and add new staff to cover the increased business. Jason Carey A Condo Management Company Rochester, MI (248) 650-8983 office

    • Jason Carey, Rochester, MI
    • Rochester Property Management Group
  • Client Image

    I have known this gentleman for just over forty years. He provided professional computer consulting services to the law enforcement agency I managed.  I recommended that anyone seeking consulting services on computer operations and systems, internet business and marketing, and/or retail business establishment you would be well served by the consulting services being offered by Jim Carey and Associates.

    Anyone wishing to contact me directly for any additional confirmation or information feel free to do so.
    Read the entire reference letter: LawrenceMeggsTestimonial.pdf

    Lawrence A. Meggs, Colonel (Ret.) Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, Key West, Florida
    110 Doty Road, Roan Mountain, TN 37687
    (423) 725-2814

    • Lawrence Meggs, Sheriff
    • Law Enforcement
  • Client Image

    Aloha Greetings
    I know Jim Carey for his Brilliance, Talented and Generous Services. His generosity to assure you his time, advice, wisdom and expertise in computers, website designs, troubleshooting & etc... Jim’s ability to target, define, solve and complete.

    Jim’s Honesty, he is able or not able to help. Most time he is able to solve & complete an issue/problem.  I would like to refer/recommend Jim, because he is reliable, efficient and Able to Do>>>> Simply.

    Makao’ia’io Kauli’a

    • Maka Kauli’a, Maui, HI
    • Massage Therapist
  • Client Image

    Dr. Jim Carey have been a phenomenal tremendous personality who has affected and keeps on affecting my life positively. I came in contact with Dr. Jim when I was resident in Libya in the year 2003 through his "Raw Food Distance Learning Educational Online Program" when he was the Director of Creative Health Institute. His rich and well-packaged CD/DVD raw food health education transformed my health and others whom I have being teaching. Tremendous transformation of lives, health is on going in my ministry in Kaduna Nigeria and his health articles are published in the nutrition column of our magazine, "Christendom International News Magazine".

    I have been enriched via his global online marketing proficiency and professionalism, my 17 good years of knowing him is a positive impact on my life, business and ministry.

    Bartholomew Udumaga, Kaduna State, Nigeria, West Africa
    Tel: +2348133689315

    • Barth Udumaga, Nigeria
    • Minister, Writer & Editor
  • Client Image

    Jim Carey was recommended to me about twenty years ago when I wanted to put up a website. I had an idea of what I wanted and no idea of how to make it happen. When I spoke to Jim for the first time, I knew I was dealing with the right person. I explained what I thought I wanted and he understood right away. It didn't take long for him to put together a site that incorporated everything that I mentioned, even to the right shade for the background color.

    If you are looking for an eye catching, descriptive website that catches your attention, I would highly recommend Jim Carey. 5 Star rating for you Jim, you gave me a site I was proud to send people to. Thanks, Karole Rispoli

    PS That's a very impressive website you put up for your business, I'd hire you in a heartbeat, but I already did that 😂😂😂.

    • Karole Rispoli, Key West, FL
    • Restaurateur
  • Client Image

    Dr. Jim Carey has worked with me editing and marketing my four novels on Amazon and Kindle. 

    He’s been my steadfast cheerleader, making sure my books made it to the finish line!  Thanks, Jim!

    View Susan's novels on Amazon

    • Susan Curry, Progresso, MX
    • English Teacher & Novelist
  • Client Image

    I’ve found Jim to be an exceptionally rare gem. He is very professional. For me that means he provides detailed answers to my specific questions - no bush beating. He answers me within reasonable time frame - no prolonged, frustrated waiting. He researches everything to death - I can have complete faith that Jim knows the ins and outs of what we are discussing.

    He helped me build my business - he is interested in my personal success and the many facets of my life and how the business will work for me, not how I have to work for the business. I’m thrilled with my business results after my dealings with Jim. PS: He’s also funny and very reliable and honest.

    I would highly recommend Jim to help with your internet presence - in fact, I’ve given his name to a few close friends without any hesitation at all. I can be reached to answer questions about Jim and my experiences with his services.

    Direct email me, Charlotte, at

    • Charlotte, Ottawa, ON, CA
    • Counselor
  • Client Image

    I am pleased to share my experience with Dr. Carey and the work he has done for me. He is great to work with. He is professional as well as creative. I love his ideas! I have had a number of businesses and I have benefited greatly from his expertise!

    I have known Dr. Jim for over twenty years and during all of this time, he has provided exceptional service. His international experience has been a special help to me with my latest endeavor which includes teaching English As a Second or Other Language. I am certain you will be happy you have contacted him and trusted him with your business!

    Carol Lynn, 808-205-6217
    Hawaii Language Learning Center

    • Carol Lynn, Maui, HI
    • Founder & CEO
  • Client Image

    As a newcomer to the Airbnb business I needed help with developing my web presence. That’s where  Jim stepped in and made everything look professional. My weekend occupancy went to nearly one hundred percent, even in the winter!

    He’s knowledgeable and efficient, making the whole process easy...
    Elaine Mantz

    • Elaine Mantz, Louisville, KY
    • AirBnB Host
  • Client Image

    • References

Google Loves Us

#1 on Google Search
#1 on Google, and we'll do the same for you! - 12/12/20

You'll Love Us, Too

We can get you up and running in the new economy that the world has become, then train, assist you and get you over the rough spots.

After building and polishing your marketing tools, we’ll teach your staff how to maintain and build upon what we’ve done.

Then we’ll check in and keep an eye on things, and help out when needed.

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Some Clients

  • US Navy
  • US Coast Guard
  • US State Department
  • US Department of Commerce
  • Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Prague
  • Czechoslovak Ministry of Railways, Prague
  • Czechoslovak National Planning Commission, Prague
  • Czechoslovak National Foreign Trade Commission, Prague
  • Delft Limited Corporation, Prague
  • VVO Licensentorg, Moscow
  • Romanian Academy of Sciences, Bucharest
  • Hungarian Academy of Science, Budapest
  • Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw
  • Spanish National Academy of Sciences, Barcelona
  • Kwait Academy of Science, Riyadh
  • Dr. Dvorkovitz and Associates, Ormond Beach, FL, 28 offices worldwide
  • Soken International Company, Tokyo
  • Hospitality World Ltd., Grand Cayman
  • Spojeny Ltd., Grand Cayman
  • Ridley Turtle Watersports, Dominican Republic, Turks & Caicos, Suriname
  • State of Florida, Numerous Agencies, Key West, FL
  • Monroe County Government Offices, Numerous Agencies, Key West
  • Keys Energy Services, Key West
  • Numerous Law Offices, Realtors, Accountants and Architects in Boston and Key West
  • Creative Health Institute, Union City, MI
  • CHI Diet, Union City, MI
  • Health & Fitness TV show, Grassy Roots, Back to the Roots of Healthy Eating, Louisville, KY
  • Intelligent Fencing Systems, Tampa, FL
  • Friendly Charters Lani Kai, Ma’alaea Harbor, HI
  • Maui Snorkeling Lani Kai II, Ma’alaea Harbor, HI
  • Tim Gardner Realty, Makawao, HI
  • Maui Small Farms, Kihei, HI
  • Po’ohala Productions Wailele Luau, Paia, HI
  • Planet Maui, Kahului, HI


I’m Jim Carey, with 50 years of computer and software engineering experience, and over two decades of Internet marketing and development.

My associates and I specialize in updating and maintaining your Internet presence (websites and social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.). We help develop an ongoing plan for these assets and create effective advertising strategies.

We’d like to help you, too!

Click here for my resume.

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Monday-Saturday 8am - 5pm HST

Email us about what you’d like to accomplish, with any relevant info.
We’ll be glad to put together a proposal and quote.
Or simply call.

Winter: 8am HST = 10am Los Angeles PST = 1pm New York EST
Summer: 8am HST = 11am Los Angeles PDT = 2pm New York EDT
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